We specialize in services that include:

Girls of Hope Mentoring Program

What’s Your Y.O.U Plan

( Youth overcoming the Unexpected)

The What’s your Y.O.U Plan includes:

Mentoring Girls 11-15

Coaching Girls 16-20

Activate Parent Society
Let’s Talk About It !!!!

Let’s Talk about It Table Talk

Our signature Girls Let’s Talk About it Table Talk is the key component of our Girls of Hope mentoring program. Who can join all girls between the ages of 11 through 20 years of age. We meet every 4th Saturday out of a month. Through our program we are able build a Y.O.U. Plan which will allow you to share more about who Y.O.U. Are; this plan will allow us to get to know your creativity, favorite subject, and any weakness subject areas in school.

Our Membership fee is $25.00 per year and $5.00 per workshop. You will receive a bag, we ask you to purchase a  journal book & T-shirt for only $20.00 . Our program also includes personal and interpersonal enrichment activities. Our table talk program is designed to provide a safe platform to help our girls to feel confident to discuss any topic or concerns, let’s Break Down Barriers . Parents must attend an orientation if your child is under the age of 18.


Let’s Start with Y.O.U.

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We Bring Creative Conversation Back to The Table.


What Topic is On Your Mind. Let’s Talk About It!!!!

We Welcome Partnerships:

Aftercare programs


Girls Organizations

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