Mentoring Program

Treasures of Hope Inc. (TOH) serves girls, women, and the community with empowering tools to find their VOICE, and to overcome unexpected challenges and to rebuild their perception of  family and the community. We specialize in services that include our Y.O.U. plan (Youth Overcoming the Unexpected) and P.W.N. plan(Prison wives network). Both plans include personal and interpersonal enrichment activities. Our programs are designed to foster parent engagement, family bonding, spark conversation and student achievement.
We offer these services throughly monthly Table Talks, newsletters, by phone, E-mentoring, support workshops, meeting, community and self-awareness events, and outreach programs. We have our signature Teen Girls Let’s Talk About It Table Talk and E-mentoring.
Future services were offering for teen girls are online classes, each workshop topic is accessible for our members that are in different states and countries. Treasures of Hope Inc. is a mobile organization where we are able to travel within the tri-county areas topped with my personal experience and a low membership fee this makes TOH the organization for Y.O.U.

Our organization believe in “Building Your Family Through Y.O.U.

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