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I had to  face many obstacles being a wife and mother while dealing with the impact of my husband’s incarceration. At the beinging of  the separation, I had no clue where to begin; the financial burden and parenting was solely on me. Throughout my journey, I learned how to be the voice for my family and how to advocate for our needs. 

 Latosha’s accomplishments include currently working as a Community Liaison for the School Board of Broward County; serving as a Registration Specialist for 10 years at Broward College;  earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Supervision & Management from Broward College; Held a position in her church as Director of Community Affairs & Outreach Ministry;  Volunteer  for Guardian ad Litem ,Soldier for Christ Children’s Ministry at her church Earning her Directors Credentials for Childcare, Board Certified Professional Coach & Currently Pursuing her Masters Degree for Mental Health and Wellness  at Grand Canyon  University.

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